Our Businesses

Take a look at the companies we have acquired over the years.

We Are Always Exploring And Expanding

Mojay Global Holding Limited is a diversified organisation having its presence across the areas of Technology & Robotics, Mobility, FMCG, Real Estate and Financial Assets.
We work collaboratively with our key stakeholders of the companies to take the businesses to the next level of profitable growth.

Take A Look At The Companies We Have Acquired Over The Years.

PREIMO Urban Mobility provides luxury mobility services that offer a one-of-a-kind experience to its customers. Starting its operations in 2018, in Dubai, the company is currently one of the leading providers of luxury chauffeured car rental services. Within a short span of time, the company has scaled up and extended its client base, demonstrating steady growth of sales. It has successfully completed more than 21,000 trips to an elite clientele of world leaders, business executives, government officials and artists.


To be the most desired Luxury Mobility Services Engager.


To provide Luxurious Mobility experiences and consistent patron delight.

MYRO International is a robotics company focused on solving complex yet monotonous problems related to human productivity and workplace hazards. The company has launched MYRO, the world’s first intelligent robot designed for interior painting in the Construction industry and aims to bring further automation to the construction sector and coating activities.


To Develop technological solutions that improve productivity, quality and safety


To transform workplaces into better, safer and high productive environments

Eternal Robotics (ER), was acquired by our Group in August 2019.
ER is a technology-driven company that provides a wide range of engineering services, software and product development solutions across multiple technologies such as: Robotics, AI and Automation. From construction to agriculture, logistics, energy, and infrastructure, the prospects for product development are endless.


To be a leading and trusted technology enabler.


To develop disruptive solutions for emerging and traditional industries, through innovation and technology.