About Us

Mojay Global Holding Limited is involved in several businesses and has acquired several companies since it's launch. We are steadily building an ecosystem of businesses that challenge the status quo.

Discover how we started this journey.

What started as an idea is now turned into a growing business. In the past few years we have crossed many milestones and turned around businesses.

From traditional business models, innovation came through changes in Ideology, Scalability of Deliverables, Process re-design and Talent re-assessment.

This has reinforced our Philosophy and has put us on a clear path of expansion on a global platform.

Now we are confident that our expertise spanning across the areas of Technology & Robotics, Mobility, Real Estate and FMCG are fit for growth, ready to move into the Global Arena.

We work collaboratively with the Key Stakeholders of the companies to take the businesses to the next level of profitable growth.

Our approach begins with active, strategic involvement at all levels while helping the company to scale–by leveraging our resources which are industry-specific, led by senior experienced Management teams.


To nurture innovation and growth.


To be a reference in value creation and positive change.

Our Values

We communicate in a way that shows that we know what we’re saying and that we’re here to help. We do this by following 3 principles.


We value People and their lives. We value communities and their needs. We value our Planet and its sustainability. Empathy is at the core of our business.


We think outside the box, challenging the status quo, and looking beyond the first right idea.


We treat everyone with equal respect, which is reflected in the way we communicate and engage with our stakeholders, clients and partners.


We are committed to our work and organization. Meeting our targets is always our utmost.


We develop our businesses with honesty, ethics and professionalism.